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Workshop “Future of Housing Management”

There is probably nobody who would question the necessity of a housing manager. Though the role of this profession is still not seen as important as it should be. CLI-MA project is organising another workshop on 14th April 2021, where Market Research of Housing Management in Poland and Latvia will be presented.

The important findings on current status of qualification demand will give direct impulses for the training curriculum, which is under the development by the CLI-MA Team. Besides important input of Market Research Analysis in Poland and Latvia, VDIV will present their structure in Germany and how the housing managing companies are organised, which is meant to provide an overview of the functions an umbrella housing association could bring for their members. It is also very interesting, what is the current status after the pilot training of KLIMAVERWALTER has been accomplished and the continuation is next to come. As a glimpse into the KLIMAVERWALTER training course, there will be an introductory presentation done by a professional coacher on conflict management in homeowners meetings.

In the second part, participants will be divided into two groups to discuss the local situation and needs to create a most suitable training curriculum in Poland and Latvia. 

To join this international event available in German, Polish and Latvian languages, please register yourself by filling this form: (Link to registration in english)